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Bring Your Business to the Next Level

We offer a suite of business services designed to save you time, money, avoid headaches and keep you focused on running your business. At we believe small business is the heart of our country and our economy. Competing with national brands and large corporations can be a great challenge when dealing with operational overhead per product. We bring enterprise-level solutions to the small business to streamline your operations, build your brand, minimize your risk and grow your business. Your success is our mission.

Payroll Processing

Handle all aspects of employee payroll. With Company.Payroll, simplify all payroll calculations, withholdings, new hire reporting, filing taxes and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Human Resources

Speed up the hiring process with Company.Hire, an online job advertising and applicant tracking system, and improve the quality of your applicants.

Merchant Services

We offer small businesses many options to accept and process payments via credit card, debit card, electronic check, gift card and more. Plus we provide state-of-the-art POS equipment and top-of-the-line customer support.

Online Presence Management

Have you Googled yourself lately? Company.Found takes your business information and propagates it throughout the Internet to ensure consistent, complete and accurate information is available to all major search engines and databases.

Legal Services

Stress less with Company.Legal. Comprehensive legal plans include access to a library of legal documents, free legal consultation and discounted legal services provided by attorneys nationwide.

Team Solutions

Co-workers near and far, up the ladder and down, are using Company.Social to openly and easily share expertise, files, ideas and (yes!) appreciation.

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